Citrine ‘Success and Happiness’ Buddha Necklace by Urban Hippie UK


Citrine crystal aka Success or Happy stones imbibe the wearer with prosperity and success. See our citrine necklaces.

Citrine  is said to promote and manifest success and abundance, be it in your business or personal life.bringing with it the energy energies of generosity so that the wealth and success is shared.

Citrine is a solar plexus chakra  stone which is associated with your authority, discipline, ego, humor, joy, laughter, personal power, self-confidence, self-control, sense of self-worth, strength and will power.

Citrine combats negative energy of any kind. It is helpful to clear unwanted energies from the environment particularly good at clearing family issues caused by negative energies in the home.  Citrine is also a stone that instills hope. Because citrine banishes negative energies, it is good for all round protection and this beautiful yellow quartz helps to  bring stability to your life and business.

Because of it’s spiritual aura cleansing properties, Citrine is useful for spiritual meditation, chakra clearing meditation, psychic awareness, and spiritual conciousness development.

It also helps to enhance mental clarity, confidence, and will power. The mental clarity and confidence support bringing increased creativity and honesty.

Citrine is thought to bring self-confidence and positive energy, therefore it is also thought to help get rid of the fear of being judged unfairly. It is also used to combat the fear of being lonely or unloved.

Citrine is a happy stone  it can be used to relieve depression, self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings. In crystal healing citrine is said to be good for the digestion, stomach health, nightmares and sleep disturbances, thyroid gland, normal health and well being, heart, kidney, liver, muscles, strength, endocrine system, circulatory system, tissue regeneration, urinary system, immune system, diabetes, fibromyalgia. Citrine is also thought to be good for eliminating toxins, and beating addictions.
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Marvellous Buddha Jewellery Collection Unleashed..treat your mind, body and soul with our power stone range

Urban Hippie Buddha Jewellery Range for Men and Women

Unique jewellery collection only available at Urban Hippie Combined with power stone gemstones beneficial for mind, body and soul…

All jewellery pieces lovingly made with care by our own in house designers in the Urban Hippie creations department.


White Heart Beads…add a piece of history to your life

The history of the “White Heart Bead” dates back to 1480. Yes they have been around a very long time.

The rose coloured beads were considered very rare indeed and are highly sought after even today by collectors due to one simple reason being that a thin layer of gold was applied to the inner core.

Initially used as trade by the Hudson Bay Company on their ventures into North America in exchange for fur pellets they became highly priced amongst the Native Americans for their beautiful vibrant colours something that was alien to them.

Taken for granted in Europe as just another glass bead they were used as barter and stockpiled by the Chiefs to gain status and prestige in the same way we use paper money today.

We love them and use them often as they are a delight to work with and no matter which other bead you pair them they will bring out the beauty of the entire piece.

We have several pieces that have the white heart bead in them and a few where the entire piece is made up entirely of the white heart.

View and Purchase at Urban hippie

The bell sleeve mini dress is back! Revived at Urban Hippie UK

Our cute  Chiffon Mini comes with its own stitched-in colour coordinated lining.
Our Black Spiral design minidress with white spirals has a unique square neckline with pretty see-through bell sleeves. The history of the spiral is as old as the earth itself found not only in nature but some believe that it tells of how we view life as endless forever moving in harmony with itself.

Our white cotton minidress is made from the lightest of cottons and the “schiffli” design or pattern is cut into the fabric afterwards or embossed as ours is. We have added lace to the sleeves and hemline to give it that vintage 1970’s look and it has its own unique square neckline. It comes with a stitched in colour coordinated lining and invisible zip.

This little white minidress looks fabulous on a day out to the beach, going on a picnic or just a stroll down the high street with sandals, you will be sure to turn heads, its light, it says I haven’t a care in the world.

The fabric has been scoured from Surat in India and stitched for us by Urban Purple in Bangalore. Surat is famous for its fabric mills. This dress makes a wonderful gift so all you guys out there pick one up for your lady.
Pair it with one of our beautiful handmade jewellery for an amazing effect.

Princess passion – the Princess Fairy Collection

Beautiful and Unique hand crafted alice band hair accessories for the little princesses in your life.

You will be hard beat to find these anywhere else and these are exclusive designs to Urban Hippie, but watch out, these are really very limited and if you want a one-off not available anywhere else special purchase for your little princess, then this is the perfect gift!

Deluxe Fairy Hair Accessories for Babies and Girls

Here at Urban Hippie we thrive to bring something special and unique to our satisfy the delectable taste of our fashion conscious clients.

With many requests for unique accessories for baby girl and girls of any age, we have now launched our absolutely exclusive range of hair accessories.

We endeavor to hand craft the highest quality products  to our customers which of course are designed and made by us in house at Urban Hippie.